James Gordon Bennett Medal Renamed


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Jul 29, 2019
Its like a Communist takeover in this country. There's no history unless its approved by "them", everyone not agreeing is a racist or privileged and people are blacklisted for statements or writings that don't conform to the socialist viewpoint. I have nothing against Chief Ganci may he Rest In Peace but it has to be stopped or this country's history will be destroyed by people who in some cases aren't even old enough to drink. I'm truly disappointed in the FDNY for this nonsense. It's about who received the medal and why not who its named for.

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Aug 29, 2008
I think it shows who is really running things and the Fire Dept. top brass is caving to political pressure in order to look good. I'm offended by this, I'm offended to be constantly demeaned, I'm offended to be constantly the target of protests. I'm offended by constantly being the brunt of all of this BS! I guess that's not going to get me or you anywhere is it? Ok, I just ranted my peaceful protest