Mount Kisco (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 01-11-13


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 01-11-13
Time: 2150hrs
Location: 5 Nitra Road X Croton Lake Road- Yeshiva Farm Settlement Complex
Description: Fire in the farmhouse.

2150hrs- Mount Kisco dispatched for reported fire in the farmhouse on the grounds of the Yeshiva complex.
Alarm Assignment: Mount Kisco E-103, 105; Tower Ladder 14, Rescue 31, Rescue 15; Yorktown Tanker 14, Millwood Tanker 15

2155hrs- Multiple calls for structure fire.

2156hrs- Officer on scene reporting working fire, smoke from the roof and fire appears to be on the 2nd floor. Op's on fireground 8. Units to enter from Lake Road to Torah Road.

2200hrs- E-103 to drop 3-inch down the driveway.

2201hrs- Car 2281 transmitting the 10-75 (Working Fire). S/C (2) extra Tankers. E-102 to hit hydrant on Nitra and fill tankers.
1st Alarm: Mount Kisco E-106, 102; Bedford Hills TL-57 FAST and Tanker 5, Katonah Tanker 6

2208hrs- M/A Armonk Engine 286, Chappaqua Ladder 27 to cover Mount Kisco. Westchester County B-16 enroute.

2217hrs- WC B-16 rpts fire 1st, 2nd floors and into cockloft of a 2-frame 50X30.

2225hrs- B-16 rpts (2) L/S/O, water on the fire.

2226hrs- Primary (-).

2235hrs- Fire K/D.