New Deputy Chiefs Promoted


Feb 4, 2010
Congratulation to five FDNY members promoted yesterday ? Deputy Chiefs Anthony Arpaia, James A. Boylan, James C. Kane, Frank A. Leeb, and Daniel J. Murray

Special Congrats to Dep Chief Leeb who many of us met 2 weeks ago at the get together meal after him him a few years ago in Elmhurst


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Jun 22, 2007
Thank you "Irish", aka Declan B., for passing this on to us.

Congratulations to these newly promoted Deputy Chiefs within the FDNY. It takes a lot of work to be promoted each step of the way. They don't just hand these jobs out. It takes a lot of work to get there.
I'm sure their family members are very proud of them as well. And rightfully so.

"Irish" is correct. Some of us know newly promoted Deputy Chief Frank Leeb. He has been very good to many of us over the last few years. I think most of us would readily agree, that Deputy Chief Leeb is "into the job" and will be a GREAT ASSEST to the FDNY, as well as a Role Model to the younger members of the department.

I wish ALL of these newly promoted Deputy Chiefs of the FDNY all the Best. They have a huge responsibility for the safety of the FDNY members and every citizen and visitor to the City of New York. Over the years and through a series of testing processes, they have demonstrated their ability to carry out that responsibility.