Providence RI Fourth of July Fires - 1980s


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Jun 22, 2007
Providence, RI like the FDNY, on the Fourth of July, fires would be seen burning throughout the city in the 1980s.

Every Fourth of July the city would plan for a very busy night of fires with dozens of car fires, rubbish fires and building fires. Many of those building fires would be started in vacant buildings, but very often with the close wood frame exposures throughout the city, the fires would also spread to the nearby "occupied" exposures.

For the Fourth of July, Providence FD would man all their reserve apparatus giving them an additional five engines and two ladder companies. They would also bring in mutual aid companies from the surrounding towns of Cranston, East Providence, North Providence, Johnston and sometimes Warwick FDs.

Once the sun went down, the fires began.

Here are some photos of those fires and some of the Providence fire apparatus back in those very busy 1980s.

Special thanks goes to Providence Firefighter Dan Rinaldi for passing this onto us.
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