Tower Ladder/Aerial


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Mar 8, 2007
  Back in the past, getting in and out of the firehouse quickly and safely was the reason why 75 ft. aerials were assigned to companies in firehouses that were on narrow streets. For example, before 1953 Ladder 17 had many tall buildings in their response area but E. 143rd St. was very narrow before the projects were built so they had a 75 ft. 1925 Seagrave while neighboring L29 (138th St.) and L42 (Prospect) both had an 85 ft. 1936 FWD's. The same with L19 which had also had 75 ft. 1925 Sgr. when they were on E. 166th St while L44 (Morris Ave.) had an 85 ft. 1940 Ahrens-Fox and L27 (176th St.) ran with an 85 ft. 1937 Seagrave. In 1953 new ALF metal aerials with a shorter turning radius than a wood stick were assigned to Ladders 17, 19 and 38 which were all on narrow streets. In the other boros L2, 5, 12, 22*(double co. with two 75 ft. Seagraves), 28, 43, 102, 109, 126, 129 and 156 all had 75 ft. sticks and narrow streets. In fact most of the '53 ALF's replaced 75 ft. sticks in firehouses located on narrow streets except for L25, 80, 111 and 154.