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May 6, 2010
Department Order No. 46/20 ... 2.8
Communications Manual, Chapter 8, titled Radio Communications dated July 8, 2008, is amended, as follows:
Revise: Signal 10-31 Add: Signals 10-42, 10-43, 10-46 10-31 Assist Civilian
All calls for assistance other than medical assignments, including a unit assigned to protect EMS by diverting or blocking traffic at a highway incident, good intention calls, calls handled by other agencies, any type of investigation, searches and complaints, and lock-outs. Chapter 4 Section 1.3 of the New York Fire Incident Reporting System (NYFIRS) lists incidents and situations codes.
NOTE: The 10-31 signal shall not be utilized for any incident/emergency involving evaluation of structural stability, any operation involving a rescue or mitigation effort, or any type of hazardous condition.
  1. 10-42 Any Downed Tree Incident or Emergency
    Provide description to dispatcher and if Parks Department or electric utility is required.
  2. 10-43 Any non-fire related rescue; any person(s) rescued/removed from a dangerous situation
    NOTE: 10-43 is a disposition code, not a request for resources and shall not be transmitted in lieu of 10-60, 10-75 or other signals.
10-46 Maritime Fire or Emergency
Code 1: Any fire in maritime environment (example: vessel, dock, pier)
Code 2: Emergency in maritime environment
Examples: Vessel in distress, person(s) in the water removed by Marine personnel, hazard to navigation, hazardous materials incident in maritime environment.
Affected pages 9-14 (Rev. 06/11/20) reflecting these changes have been issued and forwarded to all Bureaus and Divisions for equal distribution to all units under their command.
By Order of: Daniel A. Nigro, Fire Commissioner John Sudnik, Chief of Department
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