Waldbaum’s Fire


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Jul 25, 2018
Today is the 42nd. Memorial Day of the fire, least we forget. I remember it clearly, I didn’t know any of the Six
Brothers but this was the day that hit me hard.
My wife and I were getting away for a quick vacation after the birth of my son. My mother was babysitting as we returned home she was waiting with my son in her arms and she was crying. I naturally thought of my infant son thinking something was wrong with him. I heard of the fire on the radio but didn’t know of the extent of the catastrophe. The thought of her crying about six firefighters losing there life made me realize there loss was everybody’s loss.
I had a new feeling for the ‘job’ after that and every time we lose another firefighter I remember that day.
I ended my ‘career’ at the Highway House where they remember that day with a mass and breakfast. I was proud of the efforts we put forward with the help of E-254 L-153 and the 42Bn. There was always a great tournout . I now live out of state and with the COVID virus distraction I hope we can come together again to remember in the future.
If interested there is a great YouTube memorial about the Waldbaum’s Fire, i’m Sure it’s been posted before.

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Aug 29, 2008
Continue to Rest In Peace gentlemen. May God Bless you and continue to provide comfort to your families.


Mar 3, 2007
Continued Rest in Peace to those lost that day. Continued thoughts and prayers for their families.


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Jun 15, 2012
God Bless Those Who Serve; and Those Who Mourn.
I was working on a 7Up Soda Truck at the time; we couldn't get in for Delivery due to the Fire;
we by-passed & made deliveries down in Brighton Bch. & Coney Isl... as we made our way back up' we heard about the tragedy
on the News. We stopped-by on the S. Side (Exp.3 Side) & saw the Breach in the brick wall NYPD ESU & Rescue cut to
Remove Trapped, and Tragically, Deceased Members. God Bless Them All. Rest In Peace. Never Forget.