Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 01-07-13


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 01-07-13
Time: 1948hrs
Location: 104 Vineyard Ave X High St/Fr. Finian Sullivan Drive
Description: Fire in the basement of a 2-story frame P/D.

1947hrs- B-2 rpts fire can be seen enroute, S/C 5th Engine. E-308 will be FAST.
1st Alarm: E-309, 306, 312, 308; L-72, 75; R-1, B-2
S/C: E-310

1948hrs- L-72 on location with smoke showing. B-1 responding as Safety.

1949hrs- B-2 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands). Exposure #1- Street, Exposure #2- 2.5-story frame P/D, Exposure #3- Rear Yard, Exposure #4- 1.5-story P/D.

1951hrs- B-2 rpts fire in the basement of a 2-frame P/D. (2) L/S

2000hrs- B-2 transmitting 2nd Alarm
2nd Alarm: E-303, 307; L-71

2002hrs- E-303 Officer designated Safety.

2005hrs- Primary throughout is (-). Squad 11 relocating to Sta. 1.

2013hrs- Fire K/D.

2035hrs- EMS treating (3) injured firefighters.

2049hrs- E-308 FAST. Officer from 303 is Safety. EMS req. for (1) additional firefighter injured.