Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 06-19-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 06-19-21
Time: 1155hrs
Location: 1133 Midland Ave X Noble/Lawrence Park
Description: 1st floor of a 6-story OMD

1155hrs- Calls for smoke from apartment 1K, now multiple calls for black smoke from the basement.
Squad 11, E-313, 307, 312; L-73, 75; R-1, B-2

1200hrs- L-73 on location with smoke showing exposure #4 side, 'looks like a 29'

1200hrs- L-73 getting rpt of civilian trapped. Squad 11 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands), 'looks like the kitchen'
All-Hands/10-30: L-70FAST, E-310 (4th Engine); B-1SAFETY

1201hrs- B-1 responding as Safety. req. Rehab to scene.

1204hrs- L-73 rpts co's located (1) victim, bringing them out. Req. EMS to the front of the building. (1) LSO.

1206hrs- B-2 req EMS with rush for victim with severe burns.

1207hrs- Caller rpts (2) occupants possibly in apartment, Co's conducting secondary search.

1210hrs- B-2 rpts secondary (-)

1232hrs- B-2 rpts (1) LS, not in operation. Fire K/D. Co's venting the building.
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