Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 06-23-21


Mar 1, 2007
Date: 06-23-21
Time: 1820hrs
Location: 34 Prospect St Apt. B-632 X Hawthorne/Riverdale
Description: Fire in 4-story duplex OMD.

1820hrs- Caller reports bedroom is on fire.
E-303, 306, 304, 308; L-71, 74, R-1

1821hrs- E-303 on location "looks like a 29, checking"

1823hrs- Squad 11 added to the run.

1823hrs- E-303 rpts 10-29 Working Fire

1823hrs- B-1 transmitting 10-30 (All-Hands)

1825hrs- B-1 rpts fire in Apt. 632. Lines being stretched, trying to locate seat of the fire.

1827hrs- B-1 rpts 3rd and 4th due engines secure a water source and report to command post at Riverdale X Prospect. E-304 has the hydrant at Prospect X Hawthorne.

1830hrs- L-72 being dispatched as FAST. B-2 SAFETY.

1831hrs- B-1 rpts Primary underway, (2) lines off the standpipe. Still attempting to locate the seat of fire.

1836hrs- B-1 rpts primary (-), fire appears to be out ATT. Co's checking for extension,
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