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    7/28/20 Staten Island 10-75 Box 2065

    E161/L81 is 21st bat. Box assignment is a mix of B21 and B23 companies.
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    7/27/20 Staten Island All Hands Box 2776

    Squad 8 is first due as an engine for this. Right turn out of quarters, right on Travis and straight shot down. Actually feel like 167/87 could beat 163/83 to this location as they would have a more direct route to it
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    Tower Ladder 35

    Will this be replacing a different company with a 95’ or an additional 95’ to the department? Definitely think the department should still have a few more...
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    7/23/20 Staten Island MVA/Overturn Box 8547

    It would be interesting and pretty sure at some point they have done it. PAPD does have a wrecker with some fire suppression ability at each crossing. Think at OBX it’s a new Volvo 10 wheel heavy duty wrecker. They used to have the small Mack trucks like at the tunnels.
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    7/6/20 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 0289

    Nice pictures. Did you happen to catch what spare squad 8 is running?
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    Ferrara ladders

    Correct on 4’s truck going to 136 for long term spare use, one became the ceremonial and one is at CTS. 81, 137, 169 were subjected to high water during Sandy so they had their trucks replaced.
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    New Rescues in Production

    Satellites are Peterbilt cab/chassis with a Ferrara body (prior generation were Mack/Ferrara).
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    6/19/20 Staten Island 10-75 Box 245

    Think B40 relocated to SI on this box. Couple in the overturn on the SI Expressway; E166/L86 went to that and 168 was turned around. Made for a busy morning on SI today.
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    Possible apparatus damaged in riots

    Anybody know how fast the shop is getting around to pulling these rigs for repairs? Have seen pictures of the rigs still in active service with tape over the cracked windows and plastic bags in place of shattered windows. It's extremely disheartening to see such violence towards public service.
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    Temporary FDNY Ambulances 20xx?

    I think they have been getting used for a purpose different than the original intention. Have seen footage of them the past few nights driving around with NYPD vehicles and are quite possibly being used to transport PD around.
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    What does the department do with these boats during the "off-season"? Are they dry-docked?
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    Satellite units

    I would say that Satellite 1 will be disposed of as it is 4 years older than the other 5.
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    5/25/20 Staten Island Boat Fire

    That's a very quick response for Marine 8 right out of Great Kills Harbor.
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    Temporary FDNY Ambulances 20xx?

    Anybody know anything about these? Looked like Ford E-series Type 3s all white with FDNY Ambulance written on them. Numbers on the boxes were 2020 and 2046. There was a total of four of them (being transported on semi's) parked on the West Shore this morning just off of Exit 4.
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    2019 SI Marathon Relocations

    Anyone have the full list? I personally saw: E253 at 165/85 E331 at 160/R5