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    12/25/21 Queens All Hands Box 4147

    Is that a normal response area for B28 and 37?
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    Broadcastify Feed

    Any new info on Queens? I lost it on my scanner app as well
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    Heard on BK "Is it still coming down out there?" "The rain seems to have let up" "Thank god" Also just heard E299 and L152 House Out of service, the firehouse is flooded. B52 is with us. QD "Is there anything we can do for you?" E229 responded not at this time but they appreciate it
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    9/1/21 Queens All Hands Collapse Box 5253

    If I heard correctly 1 10-37 code 1, 10-37 code 2?. All hand going to work for dewatering. All hands but under control
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    4/6/21 Queens 8th Alarm Box 7864

    3 TLs in operation, continuing exterior attack, in the process of switching TLs 19:20 PWH
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    4/6/21 Queens 8th Alarm Box 7864

    Took a break from listening but were any fallback steps initiated?
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    1/10/13 Queens Barge Fire Box 7216

    30-27 Greenpoint ave off of newtown creek E229 L138 Acting L115 M1 M6 B35 R4 additional:TL163 B35 requesting 2 cold water rescue companies to respond: L110 TL7 Recycled cars on fire, 100ft barge in Newtown creek East river side 15:30 B35: Be advised that M6 is putting water on the fire...
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    1/10/13 Queens 10-75 Box 7371

    9-02 38ave 25*50 2 story frame fire 1st floor rear exp: 1 street 2 lot 3 Unknown 4 street B45 L128 Fast All hands 13:20 13:31 B45: Visible fire knocked down, primaries in progress, trucks are opening up 13:35 Primaries negative PWH assign extra unit for relief D14: 10-41 code 4 Mixer...
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    11/22/12 Queens-All-Hand Box 9506

    63-93 woodhaven blvd Fire in 7 story brick 125*75
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    Did anyone catch what was going on at Astoria park?

    I heard they gave a 10-19 Around 18:50
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    6/24/12 Queens 10-75 Box 0039 LGA - MAIN TERM BLDG

    Delta Terminal Upper level Fire with heavy smoke condition  10-70 was transmitted B49 L154-FAST 17:06 All Hands Squad 41 Replacing Squad??? E312 17:10 B49 Reports, 2 story passenger terminal exp1 driveway, Exp 2 attached, exp3???, exp 4???, Terminal evacuated 1 L/S/O Fire in an x-ray...
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    Today I was at a MVA/PIN? for traffic control at Main st and GCP service road W/B around 12:00. Can anyone provide any more details ie  # of paitents, conditions etc?
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    Any info?

    Saw an engine on the LIE W/B btw 188st and Utopia  truck and car MVA?
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    Hey everyone please check out this video

    Lifeguards at Astoria Pool in Queens, NY doing a spoof of baywatch. Thanks, be safe out there, and happy Halloween :D
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    Edit time?

    Hey everyone... How do I edit my time? It is an hour ahead of what the actual time is.