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    SOC units

    A couple of questions about SOC units- what exactly does the SOC compressor do? I can't seem to find any information on it other than the obvious (it has a compressor). Does it refill SCBA tanks, and if so how does it differ from the Mask Service Unit? Are SOC Support Ladders trained to a...
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    Could someone clear up the different 10-37 codes for me? At what point does the unit decide which code to use? For example, sometimes on the radio I hear a unit report that firefighters are in the ambulance assisting with CPR en route to the hospital- this would make it a code 2, presumably...
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    How high is high-rise?

    In regard to the 10-76 and 10-77 codes, exactly how high does a building have to be, or how many stories does it need to have, to be classed as a high-rise? Are there guidelines or is it up to the incident commander? If there are guidelines (which I assume there are), what criteria are they...