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    Looking for housing while in NYPD academy

    It sounds like I should find out in the next few days that I got accepted in to the October class of the NYPD academy (my exam and list should be reached next week). I currently live in Pennsylvania so I am required to move within 30 days of being sworn in. I can't really make the PA to Queens...
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    FDNY vs. NYPD Hockey Game

    Does anyone know who won the game today (3/14/09) between the Bravest and the Finest? I planned on going to the game but something came up.
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    NYC considers creating "organ removal" ambulance

    I found this on the home page...
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    Haz-Mat 1

    I have a few questions about Haz-Mat 1 and what they do. 1. How do they staff both pieces?(Do they have both pieces completly staffed or is half the Co. on the Ferrara and the other half on the Kenworth/Pierce?) 2. Do they ever get to see fire? if so what are they used for?(I was wondering if...
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    Super Truck sold on Net

    I realize this post is somewhat old, but i found this on another forums( and the Pierce truck from Coverner's Island has been sold,,