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    NEW 2020 Silverados Divisions and Battalions

    After looking at the specs I wonder what the cost of these are?
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    NEW 2020 Silverados Divisions and Battalions

    The 2021 Tahoe and Yukon are now available with a diesel.
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    Rescue 1

    As has been mentioned before the city is backing themselves into a corner with the overly restrictive specifications they write for new rigs. The five year warranty is probably the biggest deterrent to other potential bidders. What would have happened if Seagrave hadn't bid on the new rigs?
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    West Warwick,RI Owners of The Station nightclub speak out for the first time since deadly fire

    An excellent book about this tragedy is "Killer Show" by John Barylick.
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    Engine 37 Tiller 40

    There were quite a few jobs in those buildings when they went vacant before being demolished for the new firehouse.
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    Squad Support Truck

    I had heard that each Squad was going to get one. Of course that depends on the financial situation.
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    Tower ladder 35

    That modification worked fine for 155 but what happened when a relocated TL tried to back in to quarters??
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    Lakeview NY (Nassau County) 7th Alarm 9/19/21

    Yes, the building has been torn down.
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    International Fire Buff Associates - Fun, Fellowship & Fire Trucks

    While not really a "buff club" the New York Firemen's Cycle Club has been in existence since 1896 and will be celebrating its 125th. Anniversary next month.
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    The infamous "mask man".
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    He wants to run for Governor???!!!
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    FDNY Chief Officer Cars and Vehicles

    The fireman in the 1916 Ford might be a young Walter Beatty who was the curator of the museum for many years when it was on Duane St.
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    NYPD going encrypt

    They have no timetable on it happening because they don't have the money.
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    FDNY Mand Library

    Paul was originally in 21 Truck.
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    FDNY Mand Library

    "I'm sure there are members of this site that remember when the Mand Library was located within "Red Square" in Long Island City. Yes, that building that housed the "Fire College" aka the training school and still currently Fleet Services aka the Shops. Way, way back in time." With Clarence...