FDNY Chief Officer Cars and Vehicles


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Mar 29, 2012
A picture taken at the 1939 Worlds' Fair: the 1939 Mercury of the 36 Bn along with the department's 1916 Ford . . . which is still on the roster at the museum. Sharp eyes will note the FWD behind them.

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Here's a more recent pic of the Ford:

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Both pictures courtesy the FDNY Museum.
The fireman in the 1916 Ford might be a young Walter Beatty who was the curator of the museum for many years when it was on Duane St.


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Nov 2, 2020
How I cringe every time I see FDNY photos from the '39 Worlds Fair. My dad had a box of photos of the rigs that were there and some of himself, in uniform, on an Ahrens-Fox pumper. When he passed away I asked my mom where are pop's photos? She responded quickly with "I threw that junk out along with that piece of metal." The "piece of metal" was a piece of the engine from the bomber that hit the Empire State Building in 1945. I would love to have those items today. I'm glad she didn't toss his "dupe" out also. That I have. Oh well.