New Rescues in Production


Nov 8, 2015
Paint blemishes are pretty common on new rigs. Its not uncommon for workers at the factory to scratch the rig here and there during assembly after its been painted. Part of the process of the final inspection is to ID things like scratches and scuffs so they can be addressed before taking delivery.
Typically, a department will go out to the factory for the final inspection and then once its delivered to them, they will give it a final look-over to ensure that all items ID'd at the final inspection were corrected be for accepting it. Considering how stringent the FDNY's acceptance tests are I would be more surprised if they didn't come up with a few dozen paint corrections before taking delivery.
Not FDNY but my job just got a new engine, that’s why there is factory final and dealserhip inspection, make sure everything is done right, im also sure there is more than enough road debris and such from WI to NYC or the NJ dealership to cause issues.