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Jun 22, 2007
I usually watch ABC, CBS, or NBC for the morning or evening news. But I didn't see anything like this mentioned.

I also got to see a video that was taken during an Out of Control Block Party in Harlem and the NYPD was called in. I believe that incident occurred on Saturday evening June 27th. The NYPD was far outnumbered as the crowd moved in throwing water bottles at the police units. The NYPD was forced to retreat and apparently couldn't do anything about it.

As many of us know, the crime rate is skyrocketing in NYC. Yet while this is going on in many neighborhoods, the mayor was recently out in midtown Manhattan painting on a very busy street posing for a "photo op".

I have many friends who live in NYC. I worry about their safety and certainly the safety of those police officers.

There might be a few of us who know what group of Lifesavors could be next if the mayor doesn't allow the police to enforce the law. If anybody guessed it might be the FDNY and the FDNY/EMS, I think you're probably right.


Feb 27, 2010
Times sure have changed! Back in the day, they would still be whipping the guys ass who assaulted the boss.

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Aug 29, 2008
It seems that a legitimate artist painted a blue line in the roadway on Hylan Blvd., in Staten Island, by the 122 Pct. station house. He received a letter from the City citing the law against painting on roadways and he has to notify the Law Dept. on how he plans to rid the roadway of his painting or he will find himself in violation.
Now isn't that just about the most inane, one sided, crock of crap that you've heard of? Of course it's not. From the "Dope From The Slope" and right down the line in his administration to the local politico's it's all about their ideas and who they are going to cater and pander to. Enough is enough. I wish this artist well and hope he prevails and perhaps voices from the silent majority will rise in unison to curtail the unadulterated nonsense from these so called elected officials.