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    Coolbaugh Twp PA multiple fatal bus accident

    Multiple fatal bus vs tractor trailer accident on I-380 in the Poconos... reportedly tractor crossed median and bus struck truck.....
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    Mt. Carmel PA - multiple alarm with mayday

    Multiple alarm fire in Mount Carmel, Schuylkill Co., PA with report of a mayday for a firefighter down.  According to reports, CPR performed at scene and FF was transported by air to Geisinger Medical Center, Danville Hospital conscious. ...
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    Duryea, PA 5+ Alarms at Glass Manufacturer Schott Glass

    Five plus alarms for large fire in warehouse of glass manufacturer in Northeastern Pennsylvania....Companies from two counties have been dispatched at this time....
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    Resident Allegedly Sets Fire in 4 sty Assisted Living Facility 12/18/14(delayed)

    Approx 69 residents evacuated after male resident allegedly set fire to multi-story assisted living facility
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    Fire Ravages Student Residences at Ohio University 11-16-2014 0400 hrs
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    Delayed from 11/7/14 7 homes burn in explosion and fire in Detroit These poor guys can't win.....8 days after Devil's night.....
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    Fire Department Social Hall 4-alarm fire in Walnutport, PA

    A building fire in a structure that was used as a social hall for the Diamond Fire Company in Walnutport, PA went to 4 alarms on Sunday.  No vehicles were damaged, as they are stored in a separate building...
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    Another busy Devii's Night in Detroit

    Sounds like they are improving on the number of fires by patrolling more and community group involvement, but over 36 structure fires last night in Detroit.....They have their hands full!!
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    looking FDNY EMS patches

    looking for FDNY EMS company patches, specifically any of the haztac or rescue medic units....anyone wishing to sell any, please let me know
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    Delayed 7-12-14: PSP troopers ambushed at barracks; Fire /EMS come under fire

    Two troopers with the Pennsylvania State Police were ambushed outside of their barracks in Blooming Grove, Pike Co, PA on Friday night at shift change.  One trooper was fatally struck, while the second is in serious condition in the local trauma center. ...
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    Fire and EMS in same station?

    I was looking through the FDNY Operational Reference and noticed that Engine 168 and EMS Station 23 have the same address.  I used Google Earth to look at it, and it appears that both are in the same station.  Is this the only instance of this, or are there others?  Just curious....
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    policies and procedures

    There was a website posted on here about links to FDNY response policies and procedures....Most of the pdf files are from the early 2000's... is there a more updated version available anywhere??
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    Car 24B

    Does anyone know who car 24B is?  I heard it on audio from the 10-60 on 114th and Park in March and cannot find a listing anywhere that has it listed....thanks
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    EMS patches

    Does anyone know where one might be able to buy EMS patches related to the Rescue Medics?  I saw an awesome patch for 04 Rescue and I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy something like checked Eagle Emblems with no luck
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    Tractor trailer rollover with 16-20 million bees on board

    Tractor trailer rolls over carrying multiple bee hives containing 16-20 million bees...