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    FDNY EMS Runs

    Amazing to look at runs and workers and see how EMS runs have shot up through the years!! I remember watching a video in the mid 90s from firescene publications and video, following R2 R1 and E58 and E75. The guy being interviewed from 75 engine comments about the engine guys been in and out all...
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    E54 Security Detail??

    So was monitoring Manhattan and sure I just heard MD to E54 'you are assigned to the box as part of the security detail for a cruise ship' Any ideas anyone or was I imagining things!!! JT
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    Hi I most certainly do not want to flog a dead horse as the saying goes (plus I am sure that is rightly so illegal!!).. but have spent the day listening to Manhattan for a project I working on as regards Engine 55. I am sure that TB has been made aware of the feed issues in the past but not...
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    Da Bronx TL 33

    Is TL33 a 75 or 95 footer now?? I always thought they were  a 75 foot TL, then went to a 95 footer but problems with exiting  the firehouse and the overhead at the end of Walton Ave it returned to a 75 footer. Thanks JT
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    Squad Second Piece

    I saw some footage of a Squad 8 second piece and it features a crew cab. Would the company respond to a Hazmat run with only the second piece carrying all the equipment they need on that rig without the Squad engine? Will this be the new squad second piece layout? I think they would struggle to...
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    Google Earth Download File Firehouse and Box Locations

    Attached is a link to a website that has files to download onto google earth. The guy is Texas based but if you scroll down to the out of Texas areas there is a list in alphabetical order to depts nationwide including FDNY boroughs firehouse and box locations. Some may already know of this but...
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    Back After Mobilisation

    Hi guys, im former Rodent251, I have been on military service with the UK Army Reserves for 12 months. Have been back a month but was on chill time post ops, I have no idea what is going on with FDNY since my last visit but endeavour to catch up. Im sure a lot has changed but looking forwards...
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    Importance of feeds!!!!

    Ok, having had some time out and come back to monitoring FDNY via Broadcastify, it has become apparent that quite clearly, without a dou there is an on going issue with the Broadcastify feeds. These feeds are what keep many of us together and keep forums, like this one, alive!! If we as...
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    Federal Sirens

    I see, and hear!! From online footage that R1 and R 2 have supplemental sirens in addition to the factory fitted siren on their rigs. R2 also has the railway horns in addition to the factory fitted bull horn siren and I think a Federal Q? I am sure I will be corrected on this as I am by no means...
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    FDNY RESCUE 2 ?da rescue?

    So I had the priveladge of riding with R2 under their previous captian. Many a day and night shift was spent with no Runs or local occupied elevators but we also ran to many fires, a lot we got returned on but some I got to see ?the magic? that was R2! A lot of engine companies hated ?Da...
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    Runs and Workers Help

    Since I have been away the annual runs and workers has become more informative, in a way!! ?? If somebody can help me out with interpretation of the top ten... What is the difference between ?runs?  ?emergencies?  ?Fires? ?7-5? or higher I obviously know what fire means and 7-5 or higher...
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    Busy Cities outside NYC

    I remember couple of years ago Detroit was burning, on a daily basis and Baltimore City was banging fires two three times a day like they were going out fashion!! Is that still the case? Any other cities experiencing ahigh fire activity? I listened into BCFD last week and E8 and Truck 10 had...
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    4 Truck Hangar Queen

    I remember a long while back I listened into Fdny man and heard the distinctive reserve apparatus old style siren on 4 Truck as they were responding. That must have been spring time. I see on earthcam watching 4 Truck respond to box 937 around Columbus Circle they are still running the trusty...
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    Old member, new name. (rodent251)

    Hi Guys and gals I hope I find you all well.. I just wanted to 'stick my head above the parapet' so to speak and say hello after I have been away from the site and the job I love so much and going through a tough few years. Due a strong woman behind me who beat me back onto the straight and...