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    You have been leading a sheltered life! This is just one page of a Google search on the topic
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    Mack, I am going to take a guess and say it is the first picture on the right
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    Squad 1 Portland Fire & Rescue is a unique Pierce Arrow XT tillered truck. Instead of a ladder, this tiller has a MT Model 30-217K8 Iowa Mold Tooling Company crane. At the maximum extension of 69 feet it can lift 1435 pounds, but at the minimum extension it can lift 22,045 pounds.
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    Well I did a simple search on Bing using the string "10 four wheel drive tractor drawn by International" and the first item that showed up was the following article but I can't read all of it I have a feeling that...
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    1957 R&Ws

    These are for 1957
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    1.2 million SQ/ft Walmart warehouse fire 3_16_22

    Because the fire dept shut it down! It showed through the roof about five minutes later!
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    Buffalo, NY Major Accident Involving a School Bus & Ladder 6

    No students were aboard the bus
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    Satellite Response

    A question I have had for a while, when a Satellite responds how many members of the engine are on the Satellite?
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    Coffin boxes on cabs

    If Engines 44, 160, 250 and 274 are the Haz-Tech engines then what are engines  72 and 165? They both have the long coffin boxes on their cabs. While Engine 168 has a shorter box on the cab.
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    I ran across a photo on Engine 310's site of a Mack with a Squirt operating. I am curious how many Squirt companies there were and who they were.