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    Requesting User Name Change

    I removed the ones I completed just so it is easier to track.. Anyone else?
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    New Site Software

    Working on some of these issues. Avatars have new rules which are different. Trying to see if there are any editing options that we can add. System doesn't allow name changes by users. Going to update settings so that the Mods can change them. The Ads are from google, which pay for the site...
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    Time Stamp

    I was able to change for you. EST ok?
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    New Site Software

    I tried a different software code, like other things on site, think it might need to be adjusted. Your on a mobile device?
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    take a moment and go into your user preferences and set your time zone. Only takes a moment.
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    New Site Software

    Let me take a look later and see if there is a better way
  7. Third Watch

    Third Watch

    Photos of Third Watch vehicles
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    New Site Software

    Just so people know that back story. Over the years we have run a few different software systems. Drupal a content management system which was the original homepage along with then SMF which did the forums and gallery system. The gallery was shutdown first because the software was never updated...
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    New Site Software

    Does it not let If you can do me a favor and just hit report post on any of them. Best way for me to track and adjust them.
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    New Format

    Software was changed because security issues, outdated software versions. Your looking for it show the forum list instead of recent posts? These are adjustable settings that might need a little work.
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    New Site Software

    Best thing to do is to go into each section and mark it read. This will make everything read in your profile with all new stuff showing up as not read. The conversion doesn't carry over which posts you have ot have not read unfortunately