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Jun 22, 2007
That's not Dec. That guy in the photo is Wide awake with those women!

I must agree with Frank, aka "fdce54".

Both you and I, plus others on this site have seen "Dec", aka "Irish" in action when some pretty ladies try to put the make on him.

We know of at least one case where a pretty lady tried to get him involved in conversation THREE SEPARATE TIMES in One Night. What did our boy Declan do ?

Each time she tried, he was falling asleep on her.

I think many of us later agreed that if that lady had the same interest in any one of us, "we wouldn't be spending the rest of the night with a bunch of Old Guys, like each of us".

But despite his falling asleep on not only that lady, he fell asleep on us too. The youngest guy among us. But we all still love the guy and he certainly is a very good friend to many of us here.


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Feb 4, 2010
On this 20th Anniversary of the Attack on America, we take a moment out to say Thank You and to wish Declan Byrne, aka "Irish", a Happy Birthday.

For those who don't know this young man, we call "Dec", he has done so much for the FDNY, as mentioned above. Including taking part in the Tunnel to Towers run, making the trip all the way from Dublin, Ireland over the last few years.

On this very sad and tragic day we remember all those we have lost. As well as those who are still suffering the effects of September 11, 2001.

But on this date, we also need to appreciate what people like Declan Byrne have done in honoring and remembering that painful day.

Declan was a youngster when this event happened. But for those of us who know Dec, he has never mentioned anything about this date being his birthday. He has only mentioned about doing what he can to honor and help those victims of 9/11.

Happy Birthday Dec, and THANK YOU for all you've done for so many people, on the anniversary of Americas saddest day.
Many thanks for the kind words Uncle Willy D and all who wished me a happy birthday under his comments. Lovely day had with the family whilst keeping an eye on things from the US

Please god we'll all be together next year and raise a glass or two again


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Feb 4, 2010
As we approach this 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I recently got an interesting story regarding our good friend, Declan B., aka "Irish".

Declan has been a special friend to the FDNY, and to some of us here on this web site. He has also taken part in the Tunnel to Towers run. But recently, due to flight restrictions he has been unable to make his regular visits to NYC.

But he has NOT forgotten 9/11 and in his home country of Ireland he was recently invited to the U.S. Ambassadors Residence in Dublin, Ireland to remember the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 with a good friend who is a firefighter in Dublin.

Earlier in the year Declan designed a coin to mark this anniversary and the money he (and his Dublin Firefighter friend) raised is being donated to the Friends of Firefighters in NYC, which helps members of the FDNY.

Thank you Dec for what you have done. It is OUTSTANDING.

I might also add that those of us who know Declan, will all tell you he sure is a fun guy and a great friend to firefighters here in the U.S.A. as well.
I missed this comment so ill just add a thing or two to it

Yes my good friend here wanted design a coin for the 20th anniversary and asked me for input in designing the coin as he knows i visit every year. I said id be delighted too but on the condition that money raised from it went back to a Sept 11th / FD charity.

After speaking with a Chief in Da Bronx he suggested Friends of Firefighters as they do excellent with FDNY and the FDNY Family. We were delighted the accepted and the plan was to do a cheque presentation with the US Ambassador to accept on Friends of Firefighters behalf following the 20th Anniversary Memorial event on Sept 8th last

The Embassy though wanted to keep the memorial event more about remembering the 20th Anniversary which in hindsight was the right thing to do.

Please god the Chief will be in Ireland end of Oct / start of Nov and we'll do a cheque presentation with him to accept on their behalf and he has also taken delivery of another batch of coins and is currently now selling them in the states. Friends of Firefighters are also selling them on their website and I believe the Fire Zone may be taking some for sale in their shop also.

We were thrilled the coin was received so well both here and in the US, big thanks to all who bought one and delighted Friends of Firefighters will benefit with the donation