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    Petzl safety system

    What do the members think of it? Is it used?
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    FDNY physical test

    what are the individual tests that make up the FDNY physical?
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    Chicago: 2-11, near sheffield and hollywood

    went from a still to a 2-11 alarm. fire on first and possibly second floor of a 5 story building. EMS plan 2 by battation 9 (still). multiple people trapped and people ready to jump. as of 15:55, 5 lines on the fire and all truck companies doing searches and ladder rescues.
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    Chicago: 4-11, 3100 s. Kedzie ave.

    dont have much but building was being demolished. fire was reported at 1830 hours and went to 4-11 quickly. 5 story building and was fully involved. special called a few tower ladders including tower 54 and tower 39.
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    does the FDNY require firefighters to be EMT-Bs or above? Are engines/trucks Advanced life support or basic life support?
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    Chicago: 2-11 alarm 3916 w. Argyle.

    01/31/09 a still and box alarm was called in for a fire at 1:15 a.m. with the report of people trapped. first engine on scene reported they had fire venting from the second floor windows. when battalion 9 (STILL CHIEF) pulled up he called for an EMERGENCY 2-11 due to the 3 story building being...
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    Firefighter responsibilities

    what are the jobs each firefighter has on a shift for an engine or truck? how does it vary with 5 and 6 men engines?
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    tower ladders?

    which does FDNY prefer; rear mounts, or mid mounts??
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    FDNY Roof Operation

    why does FDNY not open the roof for peaked roof buildings?
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    Chicago: Still and Box- 112th Pl and Loomis

    Around 23:00, 01/15/09 Fire in a 1 1/2 story building on far south side of Chicago. Batt. 23 was still chief and requested a box after the fire flashed over. Chief ordered all members out of the building and a roll call occured. An EMS Plan 1 was called in shortly after, sending 5 ambulances...
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    Chicago: Fire claimed the life of 3.

    fire today 10:00 1/7/08. 8300 s. buffalo unsure of alarm response but i believe it was a still and box. fire started in a 2.5 story house and caught an exposure. 3 kids age 2, 3, and 7 months were found in an upstairs bedroom. 1 4 year old was rescued. NO SMOKE DETECTORS. the mother said she...
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    Chicago: working fire- 5955 Morgan

    Still alarm- 5955 s. Morgan 12/26/08 Engines: 116, 84 Trucks: 51, 18 Batt 18 16:41- Engine 116 is on scene, smoke showing from an abandoned building. Working fire: Squad 5, Command van 2-7-3, R.I.T. is Batt 19 and TL39 16:43- Engine 116 to Englewood, fire in the basement. 16:45- batt 18: 2...
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    Chicago: Working Fire 8008 s. Cottage Grove

    Still Alarm: 8006 cottage grove 12/26/08 Engines: 122, 72 Trucks: 42, TL 34 Batt: 32 Squad 5 Command van 2-7-4 R.I.T. Truck 30 and batt 18 Working fire response for mutiple calls 12:40- Eng 122 is on scene 3 Story nothing showing. 12:43- Batt. 23 is correcting address to 8008 Cottage Grove...
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    Chicago: 3-11 Alarm and Level 1 Haz-Mat- 3800 s. Morgan

    Dont have much on this but still companies pulled up on the scene (11:43) and immediately boxed it. and the 2-11 followed right after. 3-11 came in about 12:30. Run Down: Engines were: 23,39(on the STILL). 16, 49 (BOX). 28,50,19,8 (2-11). 123,84,109,65 (3-11). Trucks were: 33,8 (STILL). 11 (was...
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    Happy Holidays

    Everyone have a happy and safe holidays. BE SAFE