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Apr 1, 2007
Congratulations, Steve . . . and best of luck in your new position. (y)


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Feb 4, 2010
Best of luck to good friend and site member Steve Elliott - Battalion Chief - Albemarle County VA. Steve was selected to be his Department's Training Officer. He moves up from his line position to take on new responsibilities for an excellent fire department. Steve is a "firefighter's chief" - a real professional and an excellent leader. He is also a close friend to members on this site and a strong supporter to FDNY and other departments when in need.

Good luck Steve!

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There are rumours that Chief Steve only took this role as he thought I was visiting this year and the only way I'd get to see some work down there would be at the training school..... Lol

Steve many congrats on your promotion. The county sure are getting a top chief into the training dept



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Jun 22, 2007
Once again, THANK YOU Mr Young, aka "signal 73".

For those of you who may not know the individuals in the picture above. They are two Alumni of the nicknamed "Animal House" on Jerome Ave. The former quarters of Engine 75/Ladder 33/Battalion 19. Now FDNY/EMS Station 19.

Standing on the left is Retired FDNY Firefighter Garrett Lindrgen, aka "69METS". Garrett was recently one of the invited guest on the "Gettin' Salty Podcast".

Standing on the right is Retired FDNY Captain John Bendick, aka "jbendick". John is the administrator (Boss) of this site. John's grandson, aka John T., now works as an EMT at that FDNY/EMS Station 19.


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Jun 22, 2007
Members of Nycfire, I would like to introduce you to a Very Special Friend of mine who has recently become a member of this site.

But before I do, let me give you just a couple of facts about him. When you read them, you may understand why we have been good friends since 1989.

I would chase the fires in Bridgeport, Ct
He would chase the fires in New Haven, Ct

I was first introduced to the FDNY as a guest and riding with Brooklyn's Rescue 2
He was first introduced to the FDNY as a guest and riding with Manhattans Rescue 1

I once delivered mail to his house in one of the Richest Towns in Connecticut
Yet, a few years later we would work together in one of the Poorest Towns in Connecticut

He was originally from Canada before moving to Connecticut.
His father was the President of a large Telecommunications Company
There our lives were totally different but it sure didn't matter.

In 1989, "scarter", aka Stuie Carter, became a firefighter in Norwich, Ct. Not exactly what his parents might have expected their son to be.
The first day, I met Stuie, I said to him; "you came from Westport to work here" ? He said yes, because he just wanted to be a fireman.

From that day on, I could relate and we became the best of friends working together on the same shift and then in 1990, in the same firehouse, when I got promoted.

We would also buff the FDNY together.

Stuie always wanted to learn and for the most part he worked the busiest engine called Squad "A". As time went on, Stuie was ALWAYS willing to help teach younger guys about the job.

Over the years, he taught a lot of guys and I was very happy to see when he got promoted to Lt., then Captain, then Battalion Chief. In 2016 B/C Carter retired from the job.

He now works part time as a Flight Attendant for Jet Blue Airlines.

I think a couple of guys here might have met Stuie a few years ago at Maggie Mays in Bayside Queens.

We welcome my good friend, Stuie Carter, aka "scarter", as one of our newest members.